Gourmet Greens

 Spring Mix - Beautiful blend of lettuce and greens 

 Arugula - Italian green, wonderful spicy and nutty flavor 

 Bok Choy - Asian vegetable with mild flavor, great in stir fry 

 Asian Greens - dynamic greens mix to be eaten fresh or lightly sauteed 

 Dandelion - popular in Italian cuisine, extremely nutritious 

 Japanese Spinach - similar in flavor as traditional spinach and grows year-round 

 Chard - beautiful color, can be prepared as you would spinach 

 Kale - wonderful mild flavor, great fresh or cooked 

 Romaine - mix of red and green baby romaine 

 Snow Pea Tendrils - tender growth before it fruits, but with same sweet flavor 

 Sorrel - delicious lemon flavor, often used in soups 

 Spinach - mild flavor, great sauteed or fresh 

 Watercress - wonderful spicy green 

Culinary Herbs


Bay Leaf





Garlic Chives




Italian Parsley 






 Seasonal Flower Mix - 70 ct. tray of the best flowers of the season 

 Micro Mix - a colorful, dynamic mix of our finest micros available 

 Micro Amaranth 

 Micro Cilantro

 Micro Ruby Chard

 Micro Red Kale 

 Micro Snow Pea Shoot 

 Micro Blanched Snow Pea

 Micro Purple Kohlrabi 

 Corn Shoots

 Micro Red Mustard

 Micro Arugula

 Micro China Rose Radish

Seasonal Items

 Sweet Colored Peppers 

Yellow Bell Pepper 

 Red Bell Pepper 

Poblano Peppers

 Mini Sweet Peppers 

 Yellow Gypsy 

 Romanian Roasting Pepper 

 Red Marconi 



 Fairy Tale Eggplant 

 Japanese Eggplant 

 Italian Eggplant 

 Japanese Cucumbers 

 Slicer Cucumbers 




Cherry Tomatoes

Snow Peas